Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Ahh, the Taj Mahal. They definitely call it a wonder of the world for a reason. Despite all the hype, it did disappoint. Held together with limestone, honey, sugar, and egg yolk (according to our guide), the Taj is perfectly symmetrical and pure marble with precious stones carved into it. For those of you who don't know, it was built as a symbol of love for the king's fourth wife, who unlike the previous three, bore him 14 children!! So if you want your own personal Taj, you know what to do ladies.

Just a few more fun facts. At the time, the cost was 16 million dollars. IMAGINE THAT WITH INFLATION! Seriously. And four chapters of the Koran are written on the walls, and jewels all over the building so that it glows at night!!

One of the entrance gates. Also VERY VERY beautiful.

Some of carved detailing on the walls.

Several shots from the photo shoot that our guide insisted on taking of us. They were RIDICULOUS!

The only cute one.

I rode a camel!! The guy tried to charge me 50 rupees, but then he let me do it for free! I also made a great bargain in a jewelry shop, where I bought two small stud earrings that are "the star of India" which is a really rare stone in India that will be gone in five years. Or so he said. Who knows. It could be a total scam, but they were really pretty and I bargained them down from 50 American to 20 American!! They're sooooo cool, so I'm pleased.

Anyways, tigers tomorrow! Overexcited, but tired since we just had a 7 hour drive across India. I'll talk more about that later, but it was definitely a lot like rural Uganda and Rwanda. Like exactly the same!!

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