Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Ghats at Night

I have discovered the greatest pizza place in the world. For the past three nights, I have walked 25 minutes down to the last ghat on the river to eat here. I know, I know. Many of you are probably shaking your heads because I am not taking advantage of the Indian food. But it's very expensive to get when you are on your own. You have to order the dish, the rice, and the naan. That's why too much food for one person, and it's quite pricey. So not to worry, I'll be eating much much more chicken tikka marsala when Kels comes.

Anyways, I have now taken this walk by the river six times (if you're counting each way), and just today I noticed that some time between 5 and 8 all the women completely disappear. During the day if you walk along the Ganges, you see tons of people washing, selling things, overcharging white tourists, bathing, and just hanging out, but after dark there are young boys playing cricket, old men just chilling, and guys my age checking out the mzungus (I know this is a Ugandan term, but I have just come to think of every white traveler as a mzungu regardless of what country I am in). It's very strange. It's like the women aren't allowed to play. They have to go home, cook, and clean. Quite sad, really.

I guess Pru (one of my Professors at Hamilton) was right when she said being born a woman in America is like winning the lottery.

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  1. Maybe it is the amount of sexual aggression present that keeps them in? Or maybe the aggressors at home will not allow them to play haha. Your prof was def right regardless!