Thursday, February 16, 2012

¿Donde esta el tigre?


Just kidding. We went at the right time of year, to the right park, in almost the right zone, but ALAS we did not see them. What was cool, though, is that we heard the alarm calls of the deer, which means that we were very very close to them, but the brush just hid them from us. AHHHHHH! We were so dejected, especially because the tigers that we were so close to were two cubs!!

Anyways, the park itself was GORGEOUS.

Here is some wildlife that we saw!

Sloth bear!! All of the people who hadn't seen tigers (like 4 jeeps) all spent like half an hour taking pictures/stalking this bear at the end of the trip. He was such a cute whittle guy though!

That's it for now. Final Score: Tigers 1, Sophie and Kelsey 0.

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