Monday, January 9, 2012

Wearing Patagonias in Patagonia

The little city (I am using a VERY loose definition), Chalten, is unreal. Oh my goodness, the views are insane. It’s totally surrounded by mountains and seems to have a large population of only hikers, most of which are from Israel, the US, and the UK, and just a few locals. And apparently, it shuts down completely during the winter. 

Gorgeous, right??

Anywayz, today we woke up bright and early to a breakfast of bread, butter, and a less than a teacup of cereal without milk. Fun times?? I think breakfasts in Rwanda and Uganda were better than this. The Fiers were not pleased. They were, however, pleased with our guide who showed us what berries were edible (we all ate them) and what different animals’ poop looked like (we saw a puma’s). We also picked out our baby cow for dinner, because here you basically eat whole cows for meals. Biff, don’t come here if you want to maintain your vegetarianism.

GAHHHHHH!! I cannot even begin to describe how amazing the hike was. So I’ll just give you some of views.

I coincidentally had a green rainjacket to match the Fiers. Successes?

These trees die every four hundred or so years, so the forests are this really beautiful mix of dead trees and little cute baby trees.

Wearing Patagonias in Patagonia!!

Look at how steep that is!! Gahhhhhh!! Ridiculous!!

15 miles later, Jo and I are drinking beers, eating some Pringles, and listening to Argentinean game show through the speakers in our hotel ceiling. I have blisters all of my feet, my arches hurt so much that they are preventing me from walking, and I think my calves are now larger than Ryn’s. But I could not be more pleased. In fact, I could not be more pleased with this day. Or the Fiers.

Speaking of the Fiers, I now completely understand Jo. We’re going on brewery tour despite the fact that we have an equally long hike tomorrow, and Jo’s mom announced that she was excited to take a beer into the shower with her. LOVE IT.  College forever? We don’t even go here.

More hikes tomorrow, and glaciers the next day. Also, true life I kept up the Fiers. Did not fall behind even once. Although there were many many times I wanted to just sit down and nap. My time with the stairmaster paid of for sure.

More laters. DINNER TIME. Just want bowls and bowls of pasta right now.

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  1. It looks like the Boehms and the Fiers have the same hiking boots.