Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Newfound Loves

Today I discovered a new talent of mine—ice trekking. Something about walking around ice with spikey things on your feet appeals to me. Seriously, though, walking across a glacier was unreal (I know I keep saying it, but it’s so true!!).  We took this great boat ride across the glacier lake to the glacier, which was in between two mountains, and then we hiked around it for a couple of hours. We explored little crevices,  ice peaks, and this really cool bit of rock that had been under the ice for so long that it is now smooth. They also chipped off some of the ice and gave us Baileys?? True life? Is this going to be forever?

Just the view on the drive over.


You had to straddle this to get a picture!!

Windy boat rides.

I know I mentioned the whole climate change issue a bit earlier, but seeing how far the glacier has receded in just twenty-five years is a bit scary. Our guide also showed us crevices that had just developed a couple of weeks ago. Gahhhhh, seriously.

Anyways, we just finished up our last dinner here in Patagonia, and the food is surprisingly AMAZING. There is a pretty big Italian/European influence here and so a lot of what you get is this odd combination of local stuff and what you would expect in Europe. Oh, and the wine is the best! I’ve always loved Malbec, but now I’m definitely a true believer.

So tomorrow morning we head back for one more day in Buenos Aires, and then we catch a flight home to New York!! The sun just now set (it’s midnight here) so I’m going to dry and take advantage of what little darkness there is here.

Updates on Boston/ADK adventures to come. And then, ASIA!!!!! Nervousnervousnervous.

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