Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day One/Struggles/Fun Times With the Fiers

Many many eventful things have happened. Jo and I spent a 10 hour plane ride sleeping and making up our own script to Footloose (awful movie, by the way! Don’t ever watch it if you can’t make up your own stuff). The word slut, pronounced sloot, was used quite a bit.

We landed in Argentina rather early in the morning and immediately took off on our adventures around the city. Jo and I both got sunburned after just two hours. She has a pretty sick t-shirt tan line and I have the classic v-neck shirt thing going on, both with the sunglasses frame around our faces. Hard lives, I know. 

Here are some quick photos: 

Sunburns/Obviously Displeased:


Then we went out to an AMAZING dinner. We probably ate a whole cow. But before then, Jo and I ate lamb feet and tongue. Surprising, right?? Also by this point in time I was failing on my not getting intoxicated/staying healthy for hiking. Jo and I split a bottle of Malbec (my FAVORITE wine) before dinner, had another bottle during dinner, and some nice liquor after dinner. By this point, I had become a big believer in steak. Like seriously, steak for lyfe. It’s soooooo good.  We also got a lot of rough stares from the crowd as we had trouble limiting our discussions to quite conversations, standard American problems.

Then, we headed back to the hotel, dripping our ice cream cones everywhere. At our place, we made many new friends. We have a new gay best friend, whose boyfriend’s name is Ivan. We spoke with him several times on the phone, but he didn’t sound too enthusiastic to meet us. Wonder why? But Essay (unsure of our friend’s real name) was still pretty cool. He did say, referencing gingers, “We should kill them all.” But pretty sure he was joking? But we may never know as there is a lot of ginger hate out there (be careful Izzy and Katie). We also meet a lot of hotel workers, who particularly enjoyed our company. End of the night:

And tomorrow, we’re heading down to Patagonia!! Da besssssssst.

In the more nerdy side of life. Argentina is incredibly European. I honestly feel like I'm in Spain. I guess it's because we're in the French Quarter/most European section, but still. Also, there are a TON more white skinned and light eyed people that I expected. Other than the fact that I'm carrying around a big camera everywhere, I don't really look out of place.

Also saw some interesting protest movements around the government areas of the city, and I wish that I could have explored further. I really need to get on top of Argentinian history. There has to be some conflict/underdevelopment/authoritarian regime history lurking around here, right? Nerd4Life. 

 So that pretty much sums up the first day. For Motors:
-Adventured in the city
-Tried to keep up with the Fiers in the wine department and failed
-Made many new friends
-Got horribly sunburned after two hours…true life of a ginger
-Took notice of some nerdy/political things like protest movements, homeless people, and skin color


  1. There should be a comma between the two instances of "many" in your first sentence and please hyphenate "10 hour." And you arrived on a "plan"?

  2. dont get too sunburned you little ginge!

  3. Argentina recent political history/conflicts: Look up the "Dirty War" in the 1970s and early 80s. Political dissidents were killed in the thousands by anti-communist elements of the government sponsored by the CIA.